BMW e46 M3 Coupe


This is genuinely one of the nicest e46 M3 I have ever had the pleasure to see!

I've personally owned a number of these wondeful machines over the years and I'm very familar with every aspect of the e46 M3 - how they drive, the faults they can develop and the things you need to watch out for. Finding a good e46 M3 is becoming increasingly difficult. Sure, it's possible to pick them up relatively cheaply and if you are happy running a high mile, high maintenance example with the real potential to turn into a wallet hoover then this is not the car for you.

This car is extrmely well sorted, impeccably maintained with both required maintenance and preventative maintenace too. It has been lovingly cared for and benefits from some very desirable, tasteful enhancements to perfect the ownership experience.

As you would hope; it drives just as good as it looks. It sounds extremely good with the CSL style Eventuri carbon fibre intake system that takes a deep 'Vader' like breath every time it accelerates, accompanied by that unique raspy note from the exhaust as the straight six BMW S54 engine is asked to stretch its legs.

It comes with a fantastically well detailed service history that demonstrates clearly how loved and cherished this car been. I have 'known' this car for the last 8 years as the last two keepers are good friends and customers of mine. 

Going forward, the e46 M3 is gathering increasing acknowledgement is perhaps the finest M3 from BMW's Motorsport division and this is being refelcted in the sale prices for the good ones that remain. If the purchaser of this vehicle continues to maintain and cherish this car then it would represent a very fine investment.

Service and maintenance history

With all BMW M cars the servicing requirements are far more comprehensive and expensive than the non M cars. This is due to having an engine and drivetrain that is specifically designed and honed for the halo M division model to deliver the razor sharp driving experience expected of an M car.

As cars age and their ownership changes hands, it is all too common for the correct service schedules to be neglected, largely due to cost. It’s always tempting to be led by the asking price of a vehicle and overlook any potential costs, missed or incorrectly completed services. Cars sold with ‘full service history’ can often fall short of the actual specified requirements. 

I’m pleased to say that this particular example has an impeccable service record that comprises of a full and correctly stamped service book and a neatly arranged folder comprising invoices and receipts. All work has been completed by the book by BMW main agents and renown independent BMW specialists. I’m a big fan of the Independent specialist route as long as they have a solid reputation.  I’ve found some main agents lacking in attention to detail - things missed, not done correctly whilst still commanding a ludicrous amount of money. A self respecting independent that specialises in M cars can be a far better option in ensuring everything is done properly as they have a vested interest in preserving their reputation.

Call: 0788 193 4788
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