2009 Honda S2000 - Just 10k miles from new - SOLD


Imagine the scenario - You have always wanted a certain car but perhaps at the time you were not in a position to buy one. As time passes and cerain cars are looked back upon as epic future classics, you wish you could travel back in time and buy a new one when they were available.

If this rings ture and you would like an extremely low mileage, last of the production year Honda S2000 with just 10k miles on the clock then here is your chance.

This amazing specimin has covered just 10k miles, has never seen rain and spent its life being pampered, stored uner a cover in the aeroplane hangar of the pilot owner. Aside from the registration plate and the recorded mileage displayed on the dashboard, there is nothing to stop you thinking that this is a brand new car. It is in fantastic order inside, outside and underneath.



The Honda S2000 is the complete antithesis of modern sports cars and is a welcome change to the modern turbocharged engines. Hondas revered Vtec range of engines focus on the core requirements of a track focussed sports car - a high revving naturally aspirated engine with very little interia and superb throttle response. Sadly in this day and age the days of the high revving sports car are no more only to be replaced with a muted turbocharged engine, that are about as exciting as a wet weekend in Southport.

Being the final production year for the S2000, this example represents the most resolved version of this Icon. Over the period of sale (1999-2009) Honda made 4 suspension revisions to hone the driving experience that made for an extremely sorted sports car.

The spring rates and shock absorber damping rates were altered and the suspension geometry modified to improve stability by reducing toe-in changes under cornering loads. The subframe also received a revision in design to achieve a high rigidity. In the gearbox the brass synchronisers were replaced with carbon fibre. In addition, cosmetic changes were made to the exterior with new front and rear bumpers, revised headlight assemblies, new LED tail-lights, and oval-tipped exhausts.



All cars have certain ‘right colours’ that appeal to enthusiasts, whilst there may be a few who like something different like the yellow S2000, it’s widely acknowledged that Silverstone Grey metallic is the best! Dark enough to display a deep gloss and depth to the paint, light enough to be practical and above all it just suits the car to a tee.

This particular vehicle has exceptional paintwork on every panel that looks as fresh and undamaged as the day of production save for one small stone chip on the front bumper that has been expertly touched in and has to be searched for.

The condition extends to the underside too with a very clean and corrosion free chassis - this is particularly unusual as a common Achilles heel of many Japanese vehicles from this era is corrosion due to inadequate rustproofing.


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