The Signature Package

Some vehicles are very special indeed.

Be it a supercar, a rare model or special edition, a recent restoration or possibly a car you just love for no justifiable reason.

With my structured detailing packages these provide a framework consisting of combinations of procedures and processes to standardise the scope of work applicable to certain scenarios.

Sometimes though you may want even more...

Nearly every decision or purchase we make in life is governed by needing some sort justification. Perhaps weighing up the benefits, looking at costs and questioning yourself is a routine or process you naturally follow? I know I do to a great extent.

Sometimes though things are hard to reason, to justify or to quantify. Sometimes we get that feeling where the heart overrides the head. It's hard to explain why, but it comes from a product of passion and desire.

If you have this feeling about a vehicle you own then I completely understand it. I've been there myself a few times. This is why I offer my bespoke service for clients to indulge themselves in their passion for wanting total perfection for the vehicle they love.

Many ‘normal’ people won’t understand why anyone would go to extraordinarily lengths chasing perfection on a vehicle.

Those people are not customers of mine though, I cater for a certain individual who see's things differently, critically and obsessively. Instead of focussing on the overall package and appreciating what they have, many of my customers just focus on what is wrong, what can be improved upon or made better.
I would be really excited to be involved in your dream of reaching that level of perfection you desire.

There will be no constraints on time, no constraints on budget and no compromises at all. I am able to utilise all my skill, experience and third party contacts (if required)

We can plan exactly what you want to achieve and discuss every single requirement that you have. My lifelong involvement with car clubs, concours judging, owning some special cars and ultimately chasing that sweet spot of perfection will serve you well, I promise.

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