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Our BMW Car Club open day was a fantastic day for us. We received our highest attendance ever to an open day with over 60 members present! It was great to meet you all and judging by the calls and emails we received you found it very useful!

Organised by Jeff Heywood; the BMWCC chairman - a huge 'Thank You' to Jeff is due. Jeff not only organised the event with the club members but also booked in his amazing 3 series coupe for our ‘Correct, Enhance and Protect Detail’ A full write up can be found in the BMW car club members magazine.

The event consisted of a short presentation where I explained the process followed to restore the paintwork to ‘as new’ condition on Jeff’s car along with some hints and procedures to follow for the enthusiasts vehicles.

The pictures show how we removed the swirls and surface defects from jeffs car - picture 2 shows a close up of a scratched and swirled section and picture 3 is the smae section where we corrected half initially to show the contrast! We went on to finish the whole vehicle and protect the car with Zymol Royale Estate Glaze. Jeff has informed me that it looks better than the day he collected it from the BMW showroom! Click on each image to enlarge

Following the short slide presentation we then demonstrated some live paint correction to explain the intricate process we follow to achieve our results. The vehicle in question was an M5 in Le mans blue – this car has recently benefitted from a full respray; however the finishing left a lot to be desired and contained a whole host of defects.

We will be holding future events and demonstrations with the BMW Car Club, but for the moment you can follow our monthly article on detailing procedures in the BMW car club magazine, as well as our monthly features in ‘BMW CAR’ magazine. A big thanks once again to Jeff and fellow club members for making the day such an enjoyable one!

Best Wishes


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