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Sunday 21st October saw Off Your Marks open our doors for another enthusiast club meeting. This time it was the turn of the Lotus Esprit Club.

We are always keen to invite groups over to share our knowledge and offer some helpful tips on car care.

The format of the day allowed us to give the club members an insight into car care. We demonstrated the process followed during our 'Correct and Protect detail' which included safe washing, clay bar contamination removal and paint correction.

Paint Correction was demonstrated on a nice midnight blue 993 Turbo. The images show how we taped up half of the door, and corrected one half only. Following the correction the tape was removed to show the contrast between the two halfs (Image 4)

It was a great day and the members feedback was really positive. We will be hosting another one soon for the few who couldn't make it.

Thanks guys for a great day! - Look forward to seeing you in the new year when we work on your cars!


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