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News and Offers
News and Offers

Small dents and creases are a common sight on many cars, however for us they look awful! If you are considering our detailing services then let Off Your Marks take away those unsighly dents and provide you with the perfect finish as part of any detail package? Or you can simply call to arrange the removal of the dents on their own.

Why not crouch down and look along the side of your car - can you see any? What do you think? - they really spoil the apperance and smooth flowing lines of a car.

Traditionally the answer was to embark on a costly respray. And this format is not always desirable or affordable.

Off Your Marks can offer you a paintless dent removal service which allows us to remove any unsightly marks and dings without you having to consider a respray. Using a huge skill and knowledge platform, the dents will be completely removed. A very good cost effective soloution!

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