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By choosing our most desired detail you will allow us to take your vehicle to the highest level of condition and appearance. The correct and protect detail builds on the comprehensive elements of our ‘Enhance and Protect’ detail. Your vehicle will benefit from the inclusion of our Paint Correction process. By removing unsightly swirling, webbing, holographs and surface defects your paint will be left in a position to reflect light perfectly without interference from unsightly surface marring.

The 3 images included above give an insight into the results acheived in this detail. Image 1 is untouched and the clarity poor due to swirling, light scratches and oxidization. Image 2 shows the same rear section following our paint correction process; note how much sharper the paint is, the defects are gone and the paint has a deeper hue. The final image is the finished car after our full correct and protect detail is complete and an application of Zymol Royale Estate Glaze.

Paint Correction is achieved through a time consuming and meticulous machine-polishing program. This process is not to be confused with 'mopping' offered by bodyshops or valeters or the type included by some detailers. Done correctly this process can take between 15 - 20+ hours alone depending on the defect level, paint type and vehicle size. Be wary if it is claimed that a full detail including paint correction can be completed in 1 day - corners will be cut; usually in areas that aren't immediately obvious. The use of an over aggresive compound that removes a lot of paint could be used to speed things up. This is not the correct way to achieve safe defect removal. If you are considering Paint Correction then please ensure it is done right first time as mistakes by others cannot always be rectified. Off Your Marks will not compromise on correction work and it is always completed thoroughly and to the highest standard. Therefore our correct and protect detail will take around 2 days to complete for lightly compromised paintwork. For more severe swirling typically found on neglected or older cars then 3-4 days may be required.

We are unable to give firm pricing without appraising your vehicle as every car and condition are unique. What we can do is assure you that your vehicle will be thoroughly corrected in the safest and most proficient manner.

Once the corrective stages are complete then the same meticulous attention to detail as found in the enhance and protect service is applied to complete the service.

Again you can choose the choice of products we use during the initial stages and the final stage. We carry and use the highest quality products from around the world and can tailor the detail to suit. As licensed Zymol detailers we are able to offer you a Zymol only correct and protect detail along with a comprehensive level of glazes and waxes.

It is worth noting that as Licensed Zymol Detailers we have been fully trained. When thinking of Zymol, ensure your detailer is licensed and ask to see his or her certification.

You can have us finish with regular Zymol waxes such as Carbon, Creme, Concours etc or upgrade to the finest Glaze Waxes in the world - Zymol Vintage or Zymol Royale. Click the Zymol tab at the top of the page for an introduction to Zymol.

You can simply drop your car with us at our dedicated detailing centre safe in the knowledge that your car is in the right hands.

You may uprgade the final wax from our fine products to Zymol Royale Estate Glaze for a small premium.

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