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Work carried out either at our secure, dedicated and well equipped detailing centre or we can come to you subject to suitable venue.

Our Enhance and Protect detail is a complete package designed for the enhancement and protection of your vehicle. We approach the detail with the same preparation process as described in our Preparation / Inspection process section.

We begin by fanatically cleansing your vehicle to leave it free from contaminants and inclusions that will compromise the touch and visual impact of your vehicle.


Only natural ph neutral zymol shampoos are used to avoid drying the paint. We use a combination of the highest quality lambswool mitts and natural sea sponges ensuring no further damage can be inflicted. We wash to sills, door shuts, arches, boot and bonnet troughs to ensure a thorough wash.


Once the car is visually clean we cleanse the paint using soft clays designed to gently remove embedded inclusions. This perfects the touch of the paint ensuring a glass like finish.


The worlds finest bespoke sealants or Zymol estate glazes are applied to the paint surface to enhance the depth, condition and feel of the paint; as well as providing deep routed protection from further contamination and grime. One of the most common feedback comments we receive is how much easier it is to clean the vehicle after completion of our protective detail. We will of course provide you with a written procedure on how to continue with this and avoid inflicting damage whilst doing so.

You can choose the type of Enhance and Protect detail you would like. As a base package we can use our extensive selection of fine products from around the world, such as Swissvax, Zaino and other good brands.

If you are looking for the finest, most exquisitely blended natural products then you can specify our Zymol Only Enhance and Protect detail where we can guarantee total protection, care and finish. Choose our Zymol Royale Estate glaze for finishing and you will have the most desirable product in the world applied to your car.


In addition we polish all glass surfaces to increase clarity and appearance, dress extraneous fittings for protection and prepare visible exhaust tips to maximise overall appearance. The timeframe for this Detail is typically between 8 and 10 hours.

When you compare our service to main dealer aftersales products costing twice the amount, applied quickly and possibly inflicting swirling into the paintwork due to lack of care; then there is just no comparison at all. You may upgrade to Zymol Royale Estate Glaze for a small premium.

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