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Utilising Nanotechnology to seal your paintwork we offer extremely durable protective armour for your vehicle.

At Off Your Marks we cater for the differing needs and requirements of our customers. Although many focus their attention on outright depth of gloss and durable protection for their paintwork, some customers prefer to tip the scales in favour of extreme durability and sacrifice a little in the outright aesthetic beauty provided by our exclusive Zymol Carnauba waxes and glazes.

Not everyone (including us!) has the luxury of running a ‘Weekend’ car or ‘Sunny days only’ sports car. Many of our clients run their vehicles every day; whatever the weather. Customers who do have fun car tucked away in their garage, also run a more practical prestige or performance vehicle day to day. With this in mind we set out to find a product that will encase our meticulous preparation process and preserve the finish in an abnormally robust manner. Our vetting process began!

Many car enthusiasts will be familiar with various brands of products claiming to offer lifetime protection for their vehicle. Unfortunately there is no such product available anywhere in the world that can be applied and your car will be miraculously protected from every form of bonding contamination. There are however products that offer rigorous protection and outstanding durability. Some products provide this but it is usually at the expense of gloss enhancement and water beading.

After many trials and tests, Off Your Marks decided to incorporate Nanolex professional surface protection products into our detailing services.

When we seal the surface of your paintwork with Nanolex nanotechnology we will be applying Nano structures directly onto the freshly prepared paintwork. The treated surfaces become super hydrophobic and reject water. This provides excellent water beading and a surface that resists the adhesion of road grime. You will find your vehicle stays looking cleaner for longer and will be very easy to clean.

We will also treat interior fabric and leather as well as carpets and therefore greatly increase their ability to remain cleaner for longer. When cleaning is required you will find it far easier and less time consuming.

Alloy wheels are also sealed to provide a surface that resists the embedding of hot brake particles and often does away with the need for specialist wheel cleaners, therefore saving you time, effort and money.

It is important to note that the use of Nanolex is not something that can just be wiped on and then wiped off. We apply the same rigorous cleansing and prepatory processes found within our other services, to ensure the receiving surfaces are perfectly and scrupulously clean. We use the Nanolex ‘professional’ range of products that offer greatly durability than the premium range and therefore durability is maximised.

Nanolex can be incorporated into any of our detailing services – why not call us and find out more about the benefits?

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