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When the winter season takes hold, your car will be under a prolonged attack from the harsh winter elements. It is this season more so than any other to ensure your car is thoroughly protected inside and out. After all, you wrap up warm and maybe apply moisturising creams to protect your skin...well your car needs attention too.

It is this time of year when most damage occurs to your car for a variety of reasons. Washing routines tend to become less frequent as it is deemed too cold to be worth bothering with and can become a hassle for the owner. Also many may find due to freezing conditions it is virtually impossible to carry out properly. As such your vehicle is in a position where there is no paint protection on the car and it is exposed to dramatic temperature changes, corrosive road salts, grime laden road spray and tar from the never ending road works.

Interiors suffer too – as the evening and night time arrives, the temperature drops quickly resulting in interior condensation on all surfaces. As the following day arrives and your car is driven it then receives the total opposite – high temperatures due to the heavy use of the heater. Leather can dry out and prematurely age, especially if heated seats are featured.

When we undertake our winter season vehicle protection detail, we will spend 8 - 11 hours preparing your vehicle to ensure it has the very best protection available. We use only the finest nano-crystalline paint sealants and pure grade carnauba waxes to seal and protect the painted surfaces.

Firstly we will ensure your vehicle is meticulously and safely washed using only natural Zymöl products that won’t dry out or damage your paint. When the wash is complete we will then deep cleanse the paint using Lehm clay to draw out any contaminants within. At this stage the car will be ultra clean and as smooth as glass. By removing these contaminants, as well as the visual difference the surface friction will be reduced providing a surface that dirt and grime has nowhere to stick

Another area targeted is your alloy wheels. Again they will be safely washed using a non-acidic peppermint based Zymol wheel gel and horsehair brushes. The cleaning will extend to the insides of the wheels and the backs also. We will then use clay to remove any further contaminants before protecting with an ultra durable sealant ensuring any attack from salts, hot brake dust and road grime is kept safely at bay allowing you to wash away easily. Whilst up on the ramp we will seal the rear of the wheels too as well as check the undercarriage for any areas left unprotected.

When we are happy that the outside of your car is safely prepared and protected we will then turn our attention to the place where you spend most of the time – The interior. Leather will be gently cleansed, conditioned and fed using Zymöl products (vitamin and beef collagen rich) to plump and revive the leather. Any fabric and carpeted areas will be cleansed and protected by a durable fabric guard.

Winter can also dry out and crack seals and plastics – we will protect and feed these too. Chrome will be polished and protected also.

When the work is complete after approx 8-10 hours you will see the difference immediately, but when you drive the car you will notice we have protected the glass with rain repellent making driving safer and the inside of the glass with an anti fog application too. Our service does not stop there either – we will provide you with a written wash procedure to show you how to safely wash your car, as well as advice on a range of cost effective products to care for your car further.

If you are as passionate about cars as we are then our uncompromising service is the one to choose. We are confident that your car will be better protected than any other. The products we use and detail and attention we give to each customer is unrivalled.

It will be far easier for you to keep clean, it will stay clean for longer and will be thoroughly protected from the elements. We will complete each detail inside our temperature controlled detailing studio where there are no compromises. In order to get the best adhesion and protection for your car it is imperative that the products are applied in the right environment - not on your driveway at 2deg or less. Let Off Your Marks do it for you - right first time.

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