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Price on application

This detail is available is small numbers only to a select few due to the sheer amount of time involved in the program.

Encompassing over 80 hours work this is the most comprehensive detail available anywhere in the world. As a result we have only carried out this detail on 3 customers cars since we decided to offer Silentium, all three have competed at National level concourse with two being placed first and the other being placed second.

Having read our other services then this may leave you wondering how our levels of detail and preparation can be taken further?

With our strong customer base and discerning individual customers we constantly push the boundaries of vehicle preparation and perfection.

".....You have a huge talent, thank god I found you! - all the recommendations about your work are completely justified..."

In conjunction with our 'Correct, enhance and protect detail' we build further and take our work to the underside of your vehicle ensuring perfection wherever you look.

Zymol Royale Estate Glaze is added over four repeat applications through the duration of 2 weeks, ensuring the depth and protection of the paintwork and wheels is of a paramount level. Depending on wash routine, use and storage conditions the protection can last for up to two years before a repeat application of wax is needed.

As each car and owner have differing requirements then a discussion of requirements will be needed before a cost for works can be assigned.

We can offer bespoke treatments to any section of your car - please call for more information.

"....the standard of work you have provided is simply staggering. As you know i travelled over 300 miles for you to work on my car and the results are phenominal, well worth the trip. I have used other detailers more local to me but you are by the best by a country mile. I will honour my promise and recommend you to every one of my friends. Thank you for all the work Matthew!"

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