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News and Offers

At Off Your Marks we are firmly committed to continuous improvement. We seek to continually provide a fantastic service and continually improve the way we work with our customers.

Weclome to our detailing studio based in a remote, secure and private location near Warrington, Chesire. Our address is never advertised and customer privacy and security are paramount.

Inviting somebody to their home may concern many owners of exotic or performance cars. Some owners may not have a suitable venue, which may resort to somebody trying to work on your driveway or under a gazebo. Some may simply not have the time to take off work to accommodate a detailer.

We believe we offer the most complete Detailing service in the UK with the most comprehensive array of facilities and numerous options for total car care.

In our Detailing centre we have an elevated platform to allow us to raise any vehicle to working height enabling us to detail from every angle ensuring no awkward areas are overlooked. This also enables us to offer under vehicle detailing and concourse preparation.

We also stock car detailing products to allow you to care for you freshly detailed vehicle safely using products used and recommended by ourselves. (Image 2)

Of course we still offer a fully self-sufficient mobile-based service affording you and your detailing considerations complete flexibility.

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