Protection detail

My vehicle protection detail is an excellent introduction to my detailing services and provides you with a car that will be thoroughly clean and well protected. Taking around 8 hours to complete it is a very popular choice and superb value for money.

Benefits of this package include:
  • Cost effective
  • A thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated and well protected vehicle.
  • Vehicle will stay looking cleaner for longer
  • Easier to maintain the looks and cleanliness
  • Protection provided from the associated rigours of driving
  • Greater ownership experience if you are passionate about your vehicle looking good.
Indication of what may be suitable for this package
  • Vehicles previously detailed and corrected by myself
  • Perhaps you are thinking of selling and want to maximise the sale price?
  • A perfect precursor to the winter season or post winter follow up.
  • Well cared for vehicles that do not require any corrective procedures.
  • A vehicle that you are generally happy with but would like further gloss enhancement and total protection.

My protection detail is a complete package designed for the enhancement and protection of your vehicle. I begin by fanatically cleansing your vehicle to leave it free from contaminants and inclusions that will compromise the touch and visual impact of your vehicle.


Only natural ph neutral shampoos are used to avoid drying the paint. I use a combination of the highest quality lambs wool mitts and natural sea sponges ensuring no further damage can be inflicted. Sills, door shuts, arches, boot and bonnet troughs are included to ensure a thorough wash.


Once the car is visually clean I cleanse the paint using soft clays designed to gently remove embedded inclusions. Tar deposits are removed using either a gentle clay if mild or a dedicated tar removal product if excessive. This perfects the touch of the paint ensuring a glass like finish. It also serves to remove previous products - this is needed as paint clarity suffers with multi layering of non compatible products.

Embedded ferrous particles from industrial fallout and vehicle braking are safely and completely removed from the painted surfaces.

Finesse and protect

Once completely happy I can then begin the application of chosen products to enhance and protect the exterior.

The paintwork protection is provided by an application of either a natural carnauba wax or a synthetic surface coating.*


In addition I polish all glass surfaces to increase clarity and appearance, dress extraneous fittings for protection and prepare visible exhaust tips to maximise overall appearance. The timeframe for this Detail is typically between 8 and 10 hours.

I offer a courtesy car for you to use whilst work is undertaken.

* Alternative last step product choices are available as an upgrade option. Please see my Products section where the differences are explained and an

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