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In order to present and protect your vehicle to the very highest standards; the early stages of the detail are vitally important. If you have ever decorated your home you will be aware that no matter how luxurious or expensive the paints and papers you choose are; if the receiving surface is not perfectly clean, free from defects and prepared to a high standard then the overall finish will be flawed. The following information gives a brief insight into the initial process we use to ensure things begin as they should.

STEP 1 - Washing

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Any of the services that we offer begin with the washing of your vehicle. This may sound straightforward enough, however the wash is a critical stage as damage can be inflicted very easily.

Car washing is offered by many people in many forms - most with the intent of removing visible dirt as quickly as possible ­ ‘Quick clean' hand washes, automated rotating brush washes, jet washes, mobile valeting and even home washing will introduce swirl marks, micro marring and scratches that become all too visible in direct sunlight, and give your car a prematurely aged appearance. Even the car washes that claim not to scratch will introduce swirling on your paintwork. Don’t worry though ­ once a detail is completed we will provide you with the correct simple format for you to follow.

At Off Your Marks we will safely, meticulously and comprehensively wash your vehicle. The kindest materials and the safest equipment are used to wash all paintwork. We use the finest lambs wool mittens and expensive natural sea sponges to delicately remove dirt. The shampoos we use are PH Neutral with ingredients derived from nature that include spun tallow soaps, safflower, coconut oil and lemon extract carefully selected to cleanse safely and thoroughly.


No time constraints are imposed: care and thoroughness are our watchwords as we extend our washing to all shuts, channels, and arches.


The wheels on your vehicle are subjected to a variety of damaging conditions every single day; quickly contaminating them to a point where they never seem to look as good as new no matter how you clean them. The adhesive used to mould brake pads will etch and pit the wheels if you allow it to remain in contact will your wheels and it will be gradually baked onto the surface as the wheel heats up when braking.

At OFF YOUR MARKS we clean your wheels thoroughly and completely, inside and out - no matter how intricate the design. A non-acidic, non-corrosive cleanser is employed to ensure any wheel is cleaned safely and thoroughly. Ingredients derived from nature include spearmint oil and spun tallow and ensure no damage to any form of alloy wheel is imparted. This approach is adopted as the use of Acid based cleaners, whilst quick and effective serve to corrode the surface, attack the surface of brake callipers and rapidly dull the finish of the wheel. Would you spray Acid onto the painted finish of your car to clean it? Probably not, so why spray it onto the painted surface of you wheels or polished face rims?


Deep CleansingDeep Cleansing

Even the most thorough washing process will not remove particles which are embedded in the paint, or contaminants which have bonded to the surface of the paint. Our next step is to deep clean the car with specialised detailing clay. Our choices of clays are again selected to perform the job safely and effectively. Derived from kaolin clay and containing quartz chalcedony, they are used to remove tree sap, overspray, road tar spotting, bug remnants and industrial fallout. All these contaminants are not always readily visible to the naked eye however they severely compromise the touch and optical clarity of the finish. Try it for yourself ­ after you have washed your car gently glide your fingers over the surface of the paintwork ­ it will feel smooth. Then try it again with your fingers inserted into a thin polythene bag or similar. The difference will be amazing! Revealing the true condition.



Another critical step in the cleaning stage is the drying. Again at Off Your Marks we perform this stage very carefully and safely. After the clay bar decontamination phase we wash your vehicle once more and rinse clean using filtered pure water. This avoids any calcium contamination and spotting from minerals found in the water. Then using a large blower we perform a touchless drying stage to ensure every last remnant of water is removed.


Now we are happy that the car is scrupulously clean, dry and free from any contamination we can begin the next stage.


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