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Why do I need my car detailing - my car is brand new

It is often assumed that a new car is in perfect condition - because it should be; it is brand new! Unfortunately this is rarely the case. Once a car has been manufactured it undergoes a series of transportation and storage routes before it finally arrives at the dealers. It could be stood for weeks in a compound, next to industrial sites, railways and docks. During this time it will be subjected to a variety of airborne contaminants. Once at the dealers this is where the damage can start - the car will be graced with a wash from a time pushed preparation worker and potentially suffer swirl marks and scratches as the wrong approach is applied. Also the car may have been damaged in transportation and receive a repair where any incorrect method may leave the car with buffer marks and micro marring. OFF YOUR MARKS will ensure that your car is prepared for you just as you expect - in perfect condition.

What finishing products do you use?

We use only the finest bespoke waxes and glazes available. Each product used is chosen specifically to suit your vehicle and is of the highest possible calibre

I have seen other detailers advertised - Why use OFF YOUR MARKS?

As with many things you cannot judge the standard of work based on cost. Our work is our passion and we always strive for perfection. Our business and reputation is based upon the results we deliver and we are not to be confused with outfits offering paint correction using inferior equipment and gaining inferior results. OFF YOUR MARKS will provide a service and standard that is second to none. If you value the appearance and condition of your vehicle then the cost involved in our work is minimal when compared with the results obtained. If you are considering having your pride and Joy corrected and detailed then make sure it is done right first time.

My car looks nothing like it used to - the paintwork is full of swirls; is it too late to correct it?

No, it's never too late to correct and preserve a cars appearance, in doing so you may well fall in love with it again. Following a clearly defined process, OFF YOUR MARKS will return the lustre of the paintwork, whilst removing the unsightly damage it has received.

Why would I want to pay for this service? - I polish my car weekly and it looks great

As with all things there is always room for improvement. If you are fanatical about your vehicle take a closer look in the bright sunlight, stand back and look at the finish from a distance as the light catches it. Are you completely happy? Wouldn't it look even better taken to the next level of shine? Many of our customers strive for the ultimate finish and depth of gloss - We will provide you with what you are looking for.

Since purchasing my car I have washed it regularly with the best products yet it has still got swirling. If I have my car corrected and detailed won't it just happen again?

Once the car has been prepared and handed back, you will also receive a demonstration of the correct washing practice along will easy to follow guidelines on caring for your car. You will receive a list of recommended inexpensive products that can be incorporated into a new wash routine to keep the car in perfect condition. If you prefer, OFF YOUR MARKS will be happy to discuss a maintenance program with you to ensure your vehicle stays perfect, whilst providing you with a documented schedule of completed maintenance.

I am a car enthusiast and take great care of my vehicle; will my car look any better once detailed?

The fundamental principle of vehicle appearance improvement is to ensure that the surface is free from the imperfections that are not always visible to the beholder. OFF YOUR MARKS use intensive lighting during the correction process to highlight any possible defects. The surface will be re levelled to allow light to reflect perfectly and further enhanced with high quality finishing product. Even a very well cared for car will benefit from the service.

My car is extremely important to me and its value is high, what sort of service can I expect?

We have detailed a large variety of cars mostly of which are very high-end prestige and performance cars. You can expect the same service that we show to any of our customers no matter what the car - absolute care and caution with attention to detail that is second to none. Every procedure and practice incorporated into the service is the result of 15 years of experience within car care. The utmost respect for the customer and vehicle is shown throughout any involvement with OFF YOUR MARKS.

My car is hand built with a hand finished paint surface. The Bodywork is a composite substrate - does this make any difference?

Yes, the vehicle composition is evaluated before any work is started, with the application of the correct testing and finishing procedures applied when appropriate. Composite-bodied vehicles display very different characteristics and OFF YOUR MARKS has the knowledge, correct tools and experience to correct any car and detail to the highest level - safely.

I work for a well know personality and discretion is important - does this pose a problem

Absolutely not, we care for cars belonging to many important people and discretion is absolute. Our service will be provided quietly and efficiently with minimal disruption to any environment. Any work undertaken is in the strictest of confidence and will not be discussed with anyone other than the point of contact.

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