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What is detailing?

Detailing is becoming THE choice of car enthusiasts all over the UK. People buying new cars regularly have Off Your Marks prepare their car right from the start before they even take delivery (Fig 1) thus ensuring the very best protection is applied right from the beginning and also avoiding any damage inflicted by poor dealership preparation. Owners of specialised models (Fig 2) entering their cars into concours shows employ our services to ensure their vehicle looks better than the competition. People who have elected to buy wisely and have purchased used ask Off Your Marks to make their car look better than the day it was made.

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The following benefits are realised from using our meticulous services

Vehicles look better than new once detailed
Vehicles stay cleaner for longer
Paintwork is far more resistant to environmental damage
Vehicle is far easier to clean and maintain
Resale value is maximised as buyers generally buy on appearance
All surfaces and materials are protected preventing deterioration
Greater ownership experience due to condition
Enhanced satisfaction from owing a car that is always in peak condition

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The term ‘detailing’ can conjure many interpretations and many can be wrong, the term itself can be misleading and confusing to those who are unaware. You may think it means adding parts, stickers or items to your car? ­ Thankfully this is not the case.

Detailing in summary is the systematic cleansing, perfecting and protecting of all surfaces and areas of your vehicle. It is a service with many intricate stages that can take anything from 1 full day to 1 full week to complete depending on the level of service desired, the condition of the vehicle and the needs from you the owner. It is a service that completely transforms the condition, appearance and maximises the value of your vehicle ­ as long as the detailer you employ has the passion, skill and vitally the experience necessary.

Scratch Marks

Have you ever seen a car that just makes you think ‘WOW - that is truly immaculate, amazing even…’? A car where the paintwork is perfect and free from washing swirls, tiny scratches and defects? - The depth of gloss and sheer quality of finish will make you want to touch it to see if it is real! Well it’s likely that the car you have seen will have been prepared by a good detailer. Many cars on display at club concours shows, press launches and magazine photo shoots, or belonging to extremely passionate car enthusiasts will have been detailed. A good detailer is someone who will prepare a car to the very highest level of presentation. No matter what the age of vehicle modern or classic; detailing can transform it!


Is detailing the same as valeting?

No, it is very different. A valeter is someone who provides a service to a car owner and will clean the car so that all visible grime is removed from most areas. Some stages of the Detailers process are similar in part but far different in terms of the level of attention paid to detail and the tools and equipment used. Visibly clean is where valeting ends and detailing takes over. Sadly, as Detailing is becoming more popular there are a lot of new companies setting up and offering very poor levels of service.

The next time you wash your vehicle or have it washed take a look at your car a little closer - scrutinise the finish under bright direct sunlight or under the harsh lighting of a petrol station. The next time you are in a car showroom look closely at the paintwork as the bright lights shine onto it - What do you see?


Swirl marks, minor scratches and general paint marring are present on most cars and alter the way in which the light is reflected off your paintwork, ultimately compromising the finish of the vehicle. Take a closer look at that new car in the showroom - even new cars can be poorly prepared. Are you prepared to accept this?

Your car represents you; it may also represent an image you portray to your business customers. A potential buyer or a car dealer judges your car when you decide to sell. Your car is compared to other cars if you are an enthusiast at a club meeting. It is even judged as you drive down the road by others giving an admiring glance.

OFF YOUR MARKS detailing will prepare your vehicle with a variety of cost effective packages to suit your requirements and ensure your car looks as good as you do, whatever car you love.


What makes Off Your Marks better than the rest?

We are proud to be regarded by our customers and fellow professionals as being one of the UK’s very best detailing companies. Right from the beginning we made a few key decisions that have allowed us to provide outstanding levels of service and truly exceptional results. Initially we offered a mobile service only where we travelled to the customer’s home, attempting to detail in a number of climatic conditions. We had to contend with rain, cold temperatures and dusty environments. We found ourselves trying to gain the best results possible given the circumstances and conditions. We found it was not simply possible to provide absolute perfection when allowing so many compromises.

The whole ethos of detailing is about clinical cleanliness, meticulous Preparation, uncompromised Inspection, exceptional levels of Paint Correction and the choice of using the very finest products for Protection. Having the ability to dedicate the correct amount of time for each operation in the correct environment is essential. The materials, products and operations involved within detailing are sensitive to temperature and humidity whilst cleanliness is paramount.

We operate from our immaculate detailing studio, specifically configured to provide the correct detailing environment. We have invested in the right tools and equipment to allow us to work effectively and efficiently. We have an elevated platform to allow us to detail every area of your vehicle to the same standard, rather than trying to reach awkward areas in a compromised position. The temperature is controlled to ensure we get the best from our products, without the risk of contamination from airborne dust and particulates found when working outside. We can provide a courtesy car for you to use whilst we are detailing your car to perfection thus eliminating disruption to your daily commitments. We can still offer a mobile service providing certain criteria is met.


Would you consider trusting a dentist who worked from a sun lounger in their back garden? No, you would expect a delicate operation to be performed within the correct environment with the correct equipment. Your car is an expensive and emotional purchase that should be cared for correctly and expertly. We are passionate, car enthusiasts ourselves and promise to treat your car as if it were our own.


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